Sleepovers are more than just a party for your children. It is an event where kids can bond, create unique magical memories and get the experience of independence away from home. We make it easy and cozy for parents to give that wonderful experience to their children. 

Our sleepover packages includes teepees, comfy mattresses with cotton sheets, stylish decorative cushions, breakfast trays with glowing lights for each guest, decorative rugs, garlands and more.


Melanie & Camille are two French Moms living in Vancouver that dreamed magical and stylish sleepover parties for their children. They bring their childhood wonderful memories of sleepovers to life with fun themes and quality products. 


Thrilled co-owner & Chocolate addict

As long as I can remember, I always loved designing and hosting parties. Following the love of my life to the USA in 2009 I became a cake/dessert table designer.

After moving to Vancouver in 2013, I worked as a web graphic designer but I was craving to jump back into the party world, it was time for me to tie it all together. Finding the right partner, Camille , and becoming a Mom just led me almost naturally to start My Little Bash.

If you catch me in my free time, you will always find me crafting or cooking something, creating is in my blood.


Happy co-owner & Glitter addict

Parties have always been part of my life, as a kid I remember the excitement about celebrating every life’s occasions. I grew up in a family business of event planning in France, and fell in love for the field right away. The desire to host, design and party never left me since.

Launching My Little Bash is a dream come true for a party passionate like me, I can’t wait to help Vancourite's parents to host the perfect party for their little ones.